Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Politics is not good for public

Today there are lot of corruption in India and we are trying to follow Baba Ramdev ,Anna Hajare and kejarwala to remove corruption but not getting success to remove corruption because corrupted persons are so powerful and they know how to handle opposite situation.

Let us see who will win in future will Ravan win the fight or again this will time for Ram. Actually we are not able to get our Ram we do not know who is from Ravan army and who is from Ram's army.

Public is still confuse which to follow and which to do not believe. To remove corruption there should be some person like Bhagat singh ji and some person like Mahatma Gandhiji because with only Ahinsha there will no afraid and without afraid there is no success.

In each village and even in each group there should be one Anna ji to provide right direction and purpose of all group should be same.

Corruption is biggest enemy of India and due to this India is being weak internally to make India strong we should make aim to change all and corrupted persons should get jail.

So I request to all readers please support to all leaders who are leading to remove corruption.