Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How People do it easily


Dear friends,

I want to share one incident which happen in my village.
once upon a time one forest cow child come to our village( which is called neel guy ) then some person like meat of forest cow whey they saw forest calf then they prepare to kill them to eat.
some people ran away behind them I was seeing that things calf ran very fast but how can he fight with man mind.
So at last calf came in net of man. One people bring sharp knife and put on neck of calf. Calf crying everyone was laughing. I was thing calf was in pain then how can people can laugh.
How can you laugh on pain of animal.
I request to all people please do not give this type of panic to any animal its bad.

Share your comments friend i am right or wrong. This type of crime people is doing daily and nobody is caring him.
So its called kalyug.