Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Learn from life Experience part one

Learn from life Experience part one

I want to share my experience of life.

Once upon a time when I was 10 years old then I like to keep birds child with me so I buy one parrot’s child. Every time I live with them one day I was gone to roof to sleep at night then I keep parrot with me.

At least one hour I played with them after that I sleep. After two hours I check parrot is OK with me and sleeping.

I get relief then again I sleep after some times when I open eye then I saw parrot died. I find the reason that something has fall on them.
I feel very sad on this incident then I decided I will never keep any parrot. If any one place is to fly in the sky so don’t disturb them it will hurt you.

I learn that love to all but take care with love.
Same way one other incident happen one day there was heavy rain then I walk to my fields(farm). There I saw one rabbit was feeling very cold I pick them and take them to home.

Two to three days I played with them I given food to them after 2 days rain stops then I decided to left parrot in jungle to live his life because I remember parrot incident.

I take them and left them to jungle but some dogs eyes was on rabbit I did not know that things. When I left them to jungle dogs attacked on rabbit.
Rabbit run I run but rabbit fail to save him I fail to run like them at last dogs catch them then I reach and take rabbit from dogs.
But rabbit was died.
I feel that again bad things happen from me I am going to do well but its become wrong.

So I learn everything is not in your hand .