Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Die before death

People die before death but how?
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Friend you may think that how people die before death there is a reason for that. First I want to tell you this is not that death that after life this death type is with in life.

To Lot of people living in India is poor but they also see dream to become some thing but due to lack of money they did not able to do and can not choose his career in his own way.

There are some other reason for people who are rich but not able to make his career choice.

1. Parent choice they follow to select his career that is death of life if its opposite of interest.
2. Some people start drink then they become week to get his target.
3. If friend circle is not good then there may be difficulty.
4. If you are not courageous then you may lack your confidence for your selection.
5. Home duties also restrict some people to live his life in his way.

Are you are falling in this point if not then in which point you are falling.

Have you win your life or still struggling. life did not come in man life again so do what you want do not wait for order.

Just listen to your soul order and follow.