Tuesday, July 31, 2012

These are the ways to get adsense account

 adsense account

These are the ways to get adsense account

1. Own domain and make good post on domain then you can directly apply for adsense account to

Apply for google adsense

If googel approved it then they provide you account number.

2. second way is you write some well content blog and post it to blogger.com then you can apply for adsense account.

3. some other website like indiastudychannel.com, indyarocks.com, indiareviewchannel.com also provide facility to get
adsense account.

following point you should remeber to get adsense accounts easily.

1. your posts sholud not be copied from anywhere and not posted to any site you check then post.
2. your contents should be impressive and attractive.
3. your website age should be more than 6 months.

After getting adsense account you should care about these point to save your account.
1. do not ask to anyone to click on ads.
2. Do not chat to anyone about ads and adsense google can track it.
3. Do not click on any ads to give advantage personally.
4. Do not go fast to earn.
5. At least login to adsense account once in a week.

If you follow all my points then you will earn money easiy . My best wishes with you.