Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What I was thinking

What I was thinking?

When I was at 6 year then mostly I think when i will free from reading and I will go to play then I get chance at evening to play. When I was at 10 year then I think should i will able to study well or study will be time pass only then i think let us start study and will test myself that will i get success or not.

When I was at 16 years then i tested myself well then i can not get more success on education and I started to take interest in television,movie,serials,songs etc then i start think that i can be good actor even i fail in study .

This point was biggest point for me to either i will be more weak in study or I will left study but due to father strict behavior i attached with study but heart was thinking for next.

I was thinking if I will fail in acting then i will be zero so I started to write Hindi story,poetry etc but I feel my words conversation and grammar is not good that was my biggest weak point of writing then I decided that i will be in writing even in blog or in notebook i also decided that i will be with education area to earn money.

when I was at 20 years then I was doing graduation at that time i was thinking about computer learning,Internet etc but due to less facility in my area i was not able to learn computer so i started to learn typing on typing machine.

When I was at 22 years i started to learn computer,Internet etc and start to search to earn through computer.

Now I am 31 year old and now I am MCA, working in good IT company,earning medium,good knowledge of Internet and programming ,I am also writer on blogs earning through adsense,

At last thanks to my thinking to give good direction to live my life better way.

Could you guess my actual heart thinking from all thinking.