Monday, March 28, 2011

First Interview Experience

Dear Friend I want to share question of my first interview which i faced at the time of interview.

These are question and answers

Q.1 What is extension of sql backup files?
Ans: .Bak extension used to take backup of sql database.

Q.2 Do you have worked in any Live project?
Ans: Yes, I worked in project titled was "Conference Database management system" Developed in vb and oracle.

Q.3 What is Ajax?
Ans. full form of Ajax is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. used in .net to get better performance of Page.

Q.4 What is your Current and expected Salary?
And. Current salary is Rs. 6000 PM. and expected salary is as per company norms.

Q.5 Are you ready for practical test?
Ans Yes.

Practical Question.
Manage data of any training institute and show record navigation and display report .

after all test and process i got selected.