Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sirdi wale Sai Baba

Sai Baba

Jai Sai Baba
I want to submit my first post to my guru Sai Baba. Sai Baba ki jai ho.
Previously I did not know more about Sai baba but when I meat to one of my aunt than slowly slowly I believe in Sai Baba.
Sai Baba is true and his sentence Sabka malik ek is also true. When I married then I was thinking that one day I will go to sirdi after some time I go to sirdi with my wife.
Its also true that only those person can go to sirdi which sai baba want to meat.
After some time I saw Sai baba in my dream that he is blessing to me with my two other friend. I did not remember about other two friends.
SA baba puts hand on my head than my eye open from sleep then there is nothing but I was feeling that sai baba is true my whole day was smooth and I was happy.
When I share to one of my friend this story then he said that do not share to any one otherwise Sai baba will not come again.
I did not believe to my friend sentence so I am sharing this to all of you and I believe that one day Sai baba will come again to my life.

After sharing my experience some friends told me that do not share dream which include God presence if you will share then next God will not come in your dream. I do not know whether its true or not. What's your views? Please share your comments on this.
Jai ho Sai baba.