Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why man want to love all girls?

love girls

Why man like each girl to love?

It’s true that every man who sees any girt than he want to love them. What is the reason behind it? Actually that is not a love that is attraction.

There is one song in movie “Lage mughe sundar har ladki wo paise wali ho ya kadki”
Man and women is like a magnetic metal of plus and minus when they come to near that they attract each other.

Metal cannot think but man can think so after attraction if man thinks more about that than it converts to love.

Same way girl also attract with man but they do not show her love easily because they afraid if man afraid then love will be there but they will not get each other.
So if you are in love then avoid afraid and show your love otherwise some one other is also in queue.

Some days ago I saw movie Bagwan there good love example shown by Amitabh and Hemamalini. This kind of love Dharmendre may be fail to attend.
I think Amitabh and Hema malini Jodi number one.

Why man like each girl to love is wrong but man like to attract each girl to time pass and love one girl to life pass.So love one and pass the life .